Leitrim vs Tipperary

Time and Venue to be confirmed

Leitrim vs Offaly Division 3 Football

Offaly – P Dunican (0-1); C Doyle, E Rigney, D Hogan; E Carroll, D Dempsey, N Darby (0-1); C Mangan (1-0), M Brazil (0-1); S Horan, C McNamara, C Donohue; A Sullivan (0-4), B Allen (0-5), R McNamee (1-1). Subs: A Leavy (0-1) for C Donohue, J Hayes for C Doyle, R McEvoy for C McNamee, C Johnson (0-2) for B Allen, C Donnelly for R McNamee.


Leitrim – D McKiernan; A Flynn, F McTague, P Maguire; R Mulvey (0-1), J Gilheany, C McGloin; D Wrynn, R O’Rourke (0-1); K Keegan, S Quinn (0-1), D McGovern; D Flynn, D Rooney (0-2), K Beirne (0-8). Subs: S Moran (0-1) for D Wrynn, C Reynolds for A Flynn, M Plunkett for K Keegan, P Dolan for C McGloin, D Bruen for R Mulvey.

Referee – S Laverty.


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Leitrim vs Cork Division 3 Football

Cork – M Martin; S Powter, T Clancy (0-1), S Ryan; T Corkery (0-1), K Crowley, M Taylor; I Maguire, B Hartnett; J O’Rourke (0-1), S White (0-1), R Deane; M Hurley, C Sheehan (1-2), C O’Mahony (0-3). Subs: L Connolly (0-5) for M Hurley, K O’Driscoll for C O’Mahony, P Kerrigan (0-1) for J O’Rourke, C Kiely for S Powter, R Harkins for C Sheehan.

Leitrim – D McKiernan; C Reynolds, F McTague, P Maguire; A Flynn, J Gilheany, C McGloin; D Wrynn, S Moran; S Quinn, D McGovern, D Flynn; O McCaffrey, D Rooney, K Beirne (0-7). Subs: R Mulvey (0-1) for F McTague, P Dolan for O McCaffrey, E Sweeney (0-1) for D Rooney, R O’Rourke for J Gilheany, O McLoughlin for S Moran.


Referee – P Maguire.


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